Dentures, or false teeth, are often used when a patient has multiple missing teeth. The two mostcommon types of dentures are the conventional denture and the implant retained denture. The conventional type of denture is what you commonly see in movies when the grandparent loses their teeth. This denture is supported by the soft and hard tissues of the mouth to ensure a comfortable fit. Implant retained dentures work a little differently than the conventional dentures.Implant retained dentures lock in and out of implant posts that are securely placed in the jaw bone.

What is a denture?
This is a removable appliance used to replace teeth.
Why doesn’t my denture fit anymore?
As we age, we lose bone density which changes the shape of our jaws. To resolve this issue the dentist can have your dentures relined for a better fit.
What is the difference between conventional dentures and implant retained dentures?
Conventional dentures sit on your gum tissue with the aide of a denture adhesive. In the long run this causes your jaw bone to shrink due to lack of stimulation. Implant retained dentures are locked into dental implants that are fixed into the jaw bone. This sits on implants which are fixed into the jaw bone which keeps the bone from shrinking due to lack of stimulation.