A root canal is a treatment to save a tooth or teeth that would otherwise need to be removed. The cause of this can be for many different reasons: decay, trauma, or simply an infection in theroot of your tooth. These generally cause a large amount of pain given a worst-case scenario the tooth can form an abscess resulting in removal of the tooth.

What a root canal treatment does is it cleans out the infected pulp. We access the infected pulp through the chewing surface of the tooth, removing the infected pulp, cleaning out the canal, filling the canal, and placing a gold or porcelain crown over the tooth.

If you ever find that you need to get a root canal treatment don’t be afraid! The benefit is the ability to keep your real tooth instead of having to go through the cost and process of receiving adental implant.

When do people need a root canal?
Once decay or the cavity reaches the heart or nerve of the tooth.
Will I know if I need a root canal?
Not always. Most people will have pain with a deep cavity. However, some people may not experience any symptoms at all!
If I have had a root canal treatment prior can my canal get infected again?
Yes, your canal can become infected again if you do not have proper at home care, experience reoccurring decay, or if your crown breaks and you don’t get it fixed in a timely manner.