Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions requiring surgical intervention. The most common oral surgery procedure is removingwisdom teeth. Another common procedure is extracting a tooth that has been broken, fractured, or is infected to the point where the tooth is non-restorable.

At Aloha Dental we have multiple different approaches for your teeth extracting needs. Our office has television monitors overhead with Bluetooth headphones, so you can drown out the noises of being at the dentist. We also offer nitrous oxide! This comforts patients that normally get the jitters during dental procedures.

Why do I need to have my tooth extracted?
If a tooth is considered non-restorable (unable to fix) it may have a fracture, or a cavity so deep that the only option is to take the tooth out.
Why can’t I just leave a broken tooth in my mouth?
These teeth are infected, the infection will spread through your jaw and destroy the jaw bone over time.
How long will my mouth hurt after my tooth is extracted?
Every patient is different. Typically, the pain lasts for around 2 days. If you are a smoker or do not follow the at home care instructions it can take 1 to 2 weeks to properly heal.