Cosmetic Dental Care can Give You the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Highlands Ranch dental care

When it comes to Highlands Ranch dental care, Dr. Isaacs wants every patient to enjoy the healthiest, best looking smile possible. For many patients, dental care only relates to having their teeth examined and cleaned. While regular Highlands Ranch dental care is important to helping maintain and improve the health of your teeth, cosmetic dental care can dramatically revitalize the appearance of a smile.

Dr. Isaacs offers a variety of cosmetic dental care treatments designed to help restore any luster lost a smile has lost over the years. Whether due to the foods and drinks you enjoy or from an accident that has left teeth chipped or missing, cosmetic dental care can repair and restore a smile back to health.

Let’s take a look at a few of the cosmetic dental care treatments you can use to help improve the color, complexion, and function of your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Years of eating and drinking enamel staining favorites like coffee, tea, red wine, tomatoes, and berries can cause teeth to look darker than you might like. Tooth discoloration occurs naturally when we consume items that stain enamel, but those stains don’t need to be a permanent feature.

Teeth whitening treatments have quickly become the most commonly performed cosmetic dental care procedure in the U.S. The difference just one professional whitening session can make to the color and complexion of a patient’s smile is truly remarkable.

At Aloha Dental, we use Zoom whitening technology to provide our patients with incredible results. The prescription strength whitening agents used in Zoom treatments work to breakdown enamel staining compounds and strip them from the surface of a patient’s teeth. The process uses a special light that stimulates the compound to provide the types of results you can’t achieve by using over-the-counter whitening products.

Whitening offers a safe and affordable option for removing stains caused by foods and drinks, but not from enamel thinning. After an examination by Dr. Isaacs, patients will know if our in-house whitening treatment is right for them.

Dental Bonding

A cracked or chipped tooth can seriously impact how you feel about the appearance of your smile. Concerns over your tooth can make you feel subconscious about laughing or smiling in public or it could cause you to stop eating certain foods out of a fear of doing further damage. Whatever your concerns, know that you can restore your tooth back to health with dental bonding.

During dental bonding treatments, Dr. Isaacs applies a tooth-colored resin directly onto the surface of a patient’s tooth. This resin can help to cover cracks in a patient’s tooth or it can be molded into the shape of a tooth to repair any chips. Once the resin is in place, Dr. Isaacs will use a special light that will harden the resin into something that looks, functions, and feel just like a natural tooth.

Dental bonding offers an affordable option for quickly restoring how a tooth looks and the confidence you have in your smile.

Orthodontic Treatment

For many adults, braces conjure memories of adolescence, which gives them reason to think that orthodontic treatment isn’t right for them. However, orthodontic treatment has come a long way over the years, and the days of kids being called “metal mouth” are largely over.

Today, clear plastic aligners allow patients to undergo orthodontic treatment discreetly. These aligners fit over the surface of a patient’s teeth and slowly work to shift those teeth into their desired position. Unlike metal braces that requires patients to make changes in what they eat and how they brush, aligners are removable so you can continue to eat and brush just like before.

If you’ve always wanted a straighter smile, then orthodontic treatment is right for you. Not only will straighter teeth improve the confidence you have in your smile, it will also allow you to brush and floss more easily, which will improve the long-term health of your teeth.


Highlands Ranch dental care offers far more options to patients than cleanings and exams. If you desire a smile you can have confidence in showing, talk with Dr. Isaacs during your next appointment at Aloha Dental and discover the difference cosmetic dental treatments can make to your smile and to your oral health.